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Risk Contour and Starlight Events website
  Number of payments 4
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At checkout $500.00 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 3) $521.50 USD
Total $2,064.50 USD
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Your websites will be developed based on the flow chart we discussed. 

First payment: 

-Client gives access to back end of current domain, web hosting by client.

-New hosting installed.

-Basic site layout and coming soon page set up. 

Second payment:

-Logo formatting

-Social media branding for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Third payment: 

-Content added to the new websites.

Fourth payment:

-Final revisions

-Hand over site to client

Risk Contour $850.00   includes transfer of current cattolog
Starlight Events $750.00    
Website design,setup,blog setup $150.00   Wordpress site
Hosting (12 months) $80.00    
Hosting (12 months) $59.50    
Social media branding Facebook and Twitter, youtube $75.00    
Logo Formatting $25.00    
Mailing list intergration $75.00    

Risk Contour, Patricia Rountree and Starlight Events website 

Every 2 week(s)

At checkout

Amount Cycles* Total


-- $500.00USD


3 $1,564.50USD